Corporate Social Responsibility

Merchandise Mania Ltd is proud of its commitment to Corporate and Social responsibility and regularly examine all elements throughout its promotional merchandise supply and distribution business:

Our Corporate Responsibility policy is supported by other company-wide policies and sets out our approach to managing the environmental and social impacts of our business.

We aim to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that reflects the aims of sustainable development and is consistent with the following principles:

  • To integrate Corporate Responsibility into our business processes. We recognise the importance of Corporate Responsibility covering environmental, social and ethical issues and we have objectives and targets to support this.
  • To ensure effective communication and dialogue with stakeholders. Effective communication is an essential component of our business performance. This includes dialogue with all our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, neighbours, Government and other interested parties. It means being responsive to concerns and complaints and adopting high standards of reporting on our environmental and social performance.
  • To continuously improve the management of environmental and social issues in our businesses. We will meet and, where appropriate, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation. We have established appropriate systems to manage environmental and social issues at corporate, business and site level and have set quantifiable targets to improve our performance continuously.
  • To encourage our employees to help us improve business performance and contribute to the wider community, and to recognise these contributions. We will educate, train and provide incentives for our employees to conduct activities in a manner consistent with our principles. In addition, we will encourage and support employees in environmental and social action in the wider community.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy is supported by other company-wide policies, such as our Environmental Policy, Ethical Policy & Health and Safety Policy which are available on request.