Senator Verve Chrome colour mix ballpen

Product code: PP-WI59
How many colours does your logo have?How many colours does your logo have?
Barrel: Chrome Metal|~|~Clip, Waist & Clip Inner: Gloss Opaque White, Gloss Opaque Yellow, Gloss Opaque Orange, Gloss Opaque Red, Gloss Opaque Dark Red, Gloss Opaque Pink, Gloss Opaque Purple, Gloss Opaque Purple, Gloss Opaque Cyan, Gloss Opaque Reflex Blue, Gloss Opaque Lime Green, Gloss Opaque Dark Green, Gloss Opaque Black|~|~Waist & Clip: Gloss Translucent Yellow, Gloss Translucent Orange, Gloss Translucent Dark Red, Gloss Translucent Pink, Gloss Translucent Purple, Gloss Translucent Cyan, Gloss Translucent Dark Blue, Gloss Translucent Lime Green, Gloss Translucent Dark Green, Gloss Translucent Smoke Grey|~|~Clip Inner: Gloss Metallised Silver
Double-walled clip and solid metal barrel


Wide range of mix and match opaque and translucent colour component options. The quoted price includes: 1 colour print on the barrel . Ink colour: Blue. Dimensions: 145mm long. Print area: 40 x 20mm